Samvedna Psychiatric Klinic
S-325, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi-110048,
Tel: 2921 5990, 2922 1990, 29216148, 098 110 68687


Located in South Delhi , it is a registered clinic designed to meet the diverse emotional needs of people. A range of therapies are offered in a safe, supportive and completely confidential environment.



Dr. Veena Kapoor, MBBS, Dip in Path.UK, Dip.Am.Bd.Psych &Neuro-USA .Has 30 years of experience as consultant in psychiatry and in charge of psychiatric department of Batra Hospital, New Delhi. ( Former President - Indian Association of Private Psychiatry- Delhi Chapter )


Dr Umang Kochhar,
MBBS, DPM, MBA (Healthcare Administration)

Earlier with: World Health Organization,United Nations Children’s Fund
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, National Resource Person for Ministry of HRD for Life Skills Education

Mobile: 9811334555,   Email:


Conditions treated - Addiction to drugs Alcoholism Aggression Agitation Anger Anxiety Chronic Pain Compulsion Concentration Confusion Dementia Delusions Depression Destructiveness Divorce Doubts Family problems Fat Fears Fidgety Fits Forgetfulness Frigidity Guilty Hearing voices Headaches Homosexuality Hostility Hysteria Impotence Inferiority Insecurity Irritability Jealousy Mania Marriage Masturbation Menopause Migraine Nervous breakdown Neurosis Orgasm Over activity Panic Paranoid Personality Phobias Preoccupation Premenstrual tension Psychosis Psychosomatic Retardation Sadness Schizophrenia School Sex Sleep Smack Smoking Stress Suicide Tics Unassertive Violence and Just not Happy.



•  Assessment, diagnosis, counseling or psychotherapy - A method of interacting and communicating with the patient through verbal expression in a scientific manner to understand, explore, clarify, educate and solve underlying issues and conflicts by a series if visits / sessions, average 6-8 on a once/ week basis.

•  Medications like tranquillizers, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, etc. when required. De-addiction and Counseling for drugs and Alcohol.

•  Marital / Sex counseling, Family therapy, Career, vocation and other life guidance with Psychological and personality assessment as needed.

•  Suitable Referral for Hospitalization for seriously ill individuals when necessary.