Indian Association of Private Psychiatry

Delhi chapter

It was inaugurated on 16th Feb.2003. Dr. Veena Kapoor took over as its President.

  Dr. Neelam Bohra, the current President of the National body of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry reminded us that the Association came into being three years ago, recognizing the special needs of the private sector of mental health care, both for the clients as well as the doctors. It had started at New Delhi followed by two Annual conferences at Jodhpur and Cochin with Dr. A.K. Kala being at the helm then. Almost 50% of Psychiatrists are in private practice and currently about 900 members have joined. For more focussed and need based work, the next logical step seemed to be to form regional chapters. About 5-6 have already taken shape in other parts. Delhi being the dynamic center, which is representative of, metropolitan India it was time to go ahead and organize and formalize further plans here.

 Dr. Sunil Mittal Secretary IAPP and Dr Veena Kapoor outlined some of the aims and objectives and the road that now lies ahead for future work.

1.Promoting the overall growth and advancement of Psychiatry.

2.Improving mental health by education, understanding need of treatment as well as prevention of disorders.

3.Developing and Collaborating with other existing agencies in the community.

    NGO’s who are involved in all kinds of counseling

     -Womens services- to include physical, emotional and sexual abuse

     -Police sensitization for more empathy than ignorance and sympathy

     -Children’s issues including School guidance and special education


4.Medical insurance—It should be opened to Pvt. Health providers and minimum insurance package should include a mental health component to enable benefit to the middle classes

5.Nursing home forum– these are specialized centers catering to very sick Psychotic, suicidal and substance dependant individuals who often are involuntary. Proper licensing issues need clarification.

6.Peer review and ethical committee- for good clinical practice and guide lines. Also for review of Psychotropic drug usage, trials and the pharmaceuticals’ involvement.

7.Mental health act, Law, PIL etc- for removal of the discriminatory content  against  mental health policies, protection of the rights of the persons with mental disorders as well as the interests of the members of the Society.

8.Media coverage to raise mental-health awareness and spreading the message that mental illness is not a ‘personal failure’ and doesn't happen ‘only’ to other people. Imparting ‘Psychiatry education’ to the educated and going further beyond the stigma.

9.Scientific programs- these should not duplicate those of DPS but geared towards every day needs of the private psychiatrist. For example periodic Grand rounds with presentation of clinical cases followed by discussion.

10. Research - At some level this should be done. For example we are seeing more and more of couples for marital and sex problems who usually only go to private psychiatrists. Their social and demographic data, presenting complaints, therapy used results etc. could be studied.

11.Spiritual-Yoga chapter- research has confirmed that the practice of spiritual disciplines has a positive significant variable in the overall well being of the patient. That being so, we cannot feign ignorance, deny its importance and turn a blind eye to the sprouting Gurus and institutions of worship. Whether you are religious, or not, your beliefs may affect the overall doctor-patient relationship which is so crucial to us.

12.Literature and Arts- Psychiatrists form an important segment of ‘intellectuals’ who form part of Society. In some form they should contribute beyond the clinical care that they provide through other media of communication.

 An open house discussion followed with members volunteering for being part of the working committee. Those who have not yet joined were welcomed to do so.

The day ended in good cheer with thanks to Dr. Rajesh Nagpal for having organized the program and a promise of a good party to celebrate another milestone for Psychiatry in Delhi.

Veena Kapoor