Awards in Delhi Psychiatric Society

Dear Friends,

It is a matter of great pleasure for us while we are informing you about a newly instituted Award for first time in Delhi Psychiatric Society.

Delhi Psychiatric Society is instituting “Dr. Ravi Pandey Memorial: DPS Young Psychiatrist Award” from this year 2002. First award will be presented at the Annual Conference of DPS 2002.

Award is being instituted in the memory of Late Dr. Ravi Pandey, A brilliant Young Psychiatrist born on 18th June 1964. Dr. Ravi Pandey after passing his MBBS examination from Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi joined Lady Harding Medical College New Delhi as Post Graduate in Psychiatry and passed his MD in 1992. Later he joined as Senior Resident and completed the same by 1995. The same year he suffered from Diabetes Mellitus and was very unfortunate in developing all kind of complication of Diabetes and on 17th October 1996 he was no more with us .It was a great shock for all Psychiatrist of Delhi but God wished so. Dr. Pandey was known to be very intelligent, hard working, & brilliant Psychiatrist by his teachers and colleagues. He was very popular among his patients because of his being kind and affectionate nature. Dr. Pandey was a man of pure and chaste quality, elegant but with simplicity, cultivated, graceful and attractive but with aesthetic refined charm.

Instituting of this award had been possible because of hard work and huge efforts of our Immediate Past President Dr. Sandeep Vohra who could mobilize large amount of funds last year at the occasion of Annual Conference of DPS 2001.

President Dr. T.P.Jindal has formed Award Committee for this purpose; Dr. Sandeep Vohra being its Chairperson with other members Dr. Utpal Goswami, Dr.Sameer Malhotra, DR.Unnatti Kumar and Dr. Ravi Nehru. President and Secretary of Society will be it’s ex-officio members.

Rules and conditions of Dr. Ravi Pandey Memorial: DPS Young Psychiatrist Award

1. Initial corpus allotted for the purpose is Rs.50,000/
2. The funds shall be deposited in scheduled bank in long term fixed deposit by executive council of Delhi Psychiatric Society.
3. The award will be given every year out of the proceeds of yearly interest received, in the form of a trophy, a certificate and a cheque of Rs. 2500/ at the time of the annual conference of Delhi Psychiatric Society.
4. The award will be open to all life members of Delhi Psychiatric Society.
5. This award is meant for the best paper presented by a young Psychiatrist at the annual conference of Delhi Psychiatric Society in Award competition section.
6. Every year Delhi Psychiatric Society will invite papers for the above award and will select three best papers that shall be presented by principal author at the annual conference of Delhi Psychiatric Society.
7. At the annual conference, a panel of judges appointed by the chairperson, Award committee shall rate the papers for awards. The decision of the Award Committee shall be final. In case of a tie both the papers will be declared joint winners. There will be no award if no paper is found suitable.
8. To be considered for the award, the principal and presenting author must be <35 years of age at the time of submission of the paper.
9. None of the judges appointed for the award shall be contestants for the award.
10. The paper should be based on recent research i.e. the study should be within 3 years of the time of the presentation of the paper.
11. The paper must be based on unpublished original research work. It must not have been presented in any other conference.
12. The author must submit 6 copies of the full paper and 6 copies of the abstract of the paper to the chairperson of the selection committee as will be notified.
13. Any paper with multiple papers authorship must be accompanied by written consent of all the authors.
14. The attested copy of certificate for age proof (matriculation certificate, birth certificate) of principal & presenting author must be enclosed with the paper at the time of submission.

Winners of Dr. Ravi Pandey Memorial: DPS Young Psychiatrist Award

Year 2002- Dr. M.Das
Year 2003- Dr. Major Jyoti Prakash

Year 2004- Dr. Shilpa Aggarwal.
Year 2005- Dr. R. Janaki.
Year 2006- Dr. Vishal Chabra
Year 2007- Dr R.C.Jiloha,Dr Ashish Aggarwal & Dr Pramit Jain
Year 2008- Yet to be declared



2007 Dr. Vishal Chhabra, Dr. Ravi Gupta & others

2008 Dr. AshishAggarwal& others

2009 Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. GauravRajender& others

2010 Dr. Ridhima Grover

2011 Dr. AnuragJhanjee, Dr.M.S.Bhatia& others

2012 - Dr. Anubhav Rathi, M.S. Bhatia & Anurag Jhanjee

        - Dr. Sugandha Gupta & Dr. J.C. Wadhawan




2011 Dr. AnubhavRathi

2012 - Anurag Jhanjee, M.S. Bhatia, Shruti Srivastava, Anubhav Rathi



2009 Dr. M.S.Bhatia

2010 Dr. NeenaBohra and Dr.R.C.Jiloha

2011 Dr.J.C. Wadhawan

2012 Dr. N.K. Bohra