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Dear Friends

Greetings from Dr. T.P.Jindal and Delhi Psychiatric Society.

It is my pleasure to be again with you as chairperson of website committee. Our earlier chairperson Dr. N.K.Bohra desired to retire from website committee and executive council of Delhi Psychiatric society has accepted his request and consequently constituted a new website committee as below,
Chairperson -website Committee Dr. T.P.Jindal
Editor –website Dr. M.S.Bhatia
Members Dr. Ashwani Kumar
  Dr.Deepak Gupta
  Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Dr. Anuj Mittal

Executive committee has also authorized website committee to co-opt 2 members as per need and convenience of the committee.

Website committee held its first meeting on 9 th of July 2012 ad reviewed the operations of website and made following observations and have taken following decisions to run website in more effective way.

1) WEBSITE Advertising

Website is having advertisement of several psychiatrists, Nursing homes and few pharmaceuticals but they have not paid their dues regularly. Committee has taken a decision that by this letter they are requested to pay their dues for year 2012-13 immediately and latest by 20th sep.2012. If they make payment, their advertisement will be retained, otherwise will be removed without any further notice and they have to reapply.

Website will be still having some space on home page, yellow pages and other places. Those who desire to place their advertisement may contact by telephone

Dr. T.P.Jindal (Mobile -09810316779), Email: tpjindal@rediffmail.com

Dr. M.S.Bhatia (Mobile-09820161790), Email: manbhatia1@rediffmail.com

Rates for advertisements are as mentioned below,

Rs.10,000/ For example kindly go to the website of Delhi Psychiatric Society ( www.delhipsychiatricsociety.com ) and look at advertisement of Chetna ,Dr. Bohra, (On top) National Institute of Psychiatry and Delhi Psychiatric center(On side panel)

Rs.7000/ For example kindly go to the website of Delhi Psychiatric Society ( www.delhipsychiatricsociety.com ) and look at advertisement of Sun pharma and Torrent pharma On side panel.

Rs.4000/ For example kindly go to the website of Delhi Psychiatric Society ( www.delhipsychiatricsociety.com ) and look at advertisement of Dr. veena Kapoor and Dr. Rajesh Nagpal in middle of home page.

All advertisements mentioned above will also have one web page along with advertisement on home page.

Rs.2000/ Advertisement in yellow pages with one webpage.

Rs.1000/ Advertisement in yellow pages without webpage.

You can directly contact us for any other space in website or any other location or special advertisement if website committee approves of it.

Please do not hesitate in consulting us in case of any doubts.

Those desiring their advertisement in website kindly contact persons mentioned above and make payments by 20 th Sep 2012.

All cheques /DD should be drawn in favor of “Delhi Psychiatric Society” and should be sent to

Dr. Deepak Gupta
General Secretary, Delhi Psychiatric Society
Centre for Child and Adolescent Wellbeing
R-92, Basement, Greater Kailash Part-1, New Delhi- 110048

You can design your advertisement yourself or can take the help of our website developer.

2) WEBSITE Government Hospitals providing free Psychiatric treatment.

All major govt. Government Hospitals providing free Psychiatric treatment in Delhi had been given free listing with information about their location, address, faculty, telephone numbers and their OPD timings and information about special clinics. However in last 7 years there had not been any editing of these hospitals on our website, though we are sure lot have changed in these hospitals. We request Head of the departments of all these hospitals to bring to our notice any changes they want to make about any information about their hospitals. We, on our part will definitely contact you in this matter.

3) WEBSITE “Change of Address, and telephone number”

Any member who want to change his address and telephone number can do so on website by clicking POST YOUR VIEWS,CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NO” Icon on right side panel of home page of website. You can make a request by typing directly on this page and it is likely to be changed within 2 weeks.

You can check detail of your address and telephone number on website by clicking on DIRECTORY OF MEMBERS located on top side of home page.

Any suggestions, comments received will please us.

It is my duty with pleasure to acknowledge great contribution of Dr. N.K.Bohra who has maintained website and has brought significant changes in website during his tenure and kept momentum up.

With regards and warm wishes,

Dr. T.P.Jindal Dr. M.S.Bhatia
Chairperson Editor
+91-9810316779 +91-9820161790